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Affirmations are positive words and phrases used to facilitate certain energy around the person who uses the words instantly. Affirmations are extremely important because it is the act of manifesting positive experiences in ones life. We have to be careful of negative affirmations as well, these could be in the form of thoughts, self doubt, self sabotaging behaviors or negative coping skills.  As a master manifestor I am well aware that everything around you is a frequency, the frequency that you are currently experiencing is a manifestation of your affirmations maybe years ago. We never get to a certain point in our life by chance, we all make it to this point by allowing our minds to explore the options...

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Positive Family Communication

At this time in our life we need healthy and positive communication in our families. Danis Bailey, MSW, Doula explores this with you and gives you homework that will improve the communication in your family.

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Holistic Healing On The Rise!

During this time, holistic practice seems to be exploding across America. People across the country are working towards a better lifestyle and adopting new ways to improve their mental, physical and spiritual health.  While studying at University of Central Florida I quickly learned that I am the best of both worlds due to my bachelors in psychology and my masters in social work. Social work looks at different dynamics of how people are affected and we address the issue on a micro and macro level with holistic measures. The psychologist in me studies the human body and understands the medical aspect to health and the prescription side of things and how they affect the body. When studying both genres and...

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