Affirmations are positive words and phrases used to facilitate certain energy around the person who uses the words instantly. Affirmations are extremely important because it is the act of manifesting positive experiences in ones life. We have to be careful of negative affirmations as well, these could be in the form of thoughts, self doubt, self sabotaging behaviors or negative coping skills. 

As a master manifestor I am well aware that everything around you is a frequency, the frequency that you are currently experiencing is a manifestation of your affirmations maybe years ago. We never get to a certain point in our life by chance, we all make it to this point by allowing our minds to explore the options that lead us to this present moment. You are reading this website because a result of my affirmation spoken years ago, finally coming to fruition. I would like to equip you with affirmations for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. 

Pregnancy Affirmation 

My body is beautiful and strong

My baby and I are ready for the divine plan of our lives to unfold 

I love being pregnant 

I have time for this pregnancy in my life 

Birth Affirmations 

I send love to my baby and call him/her to my arms

I accept the healthy feelings of labor, when it arrives 

I am opening 

I am calm and relaxed. My baby feels my calmness and shares it 

I am strong and I can let my contractions be strong 

Strong contractions are good contractions 

Contractions help my baby enter the world 

The baby and I are ready for the work we have to do 

My contractions are are massaging the baby and hugging it

My body knows how to give birth and I will let it 

I feel the love of those who are helping me 

Postpartum Affirmations 

I share in the strength and wisdom of all mothers 

I am adjusting to life with my new baby 

I am a good parent to my child 

My needs are important 


I encourage you to write down the affirmation or even making them your screen saver on your phone. The most important thing is that you place yourself on the frequency of the words that are stated above, allow your energy to accept the words spoken. Speak these words until these words manifest into your reality. 

Be encouraged, try to adopt new patterns in your life that will be beneficial to the growth and happiness of both your baby and your body. 

Here at Dos Aguas Birth and Wellness we absolutely love you and send you encouragement and beautiful light to fill your womb space and make your motherhood transition a blessed experience.