Holistic Healing On The Rise!

During this time, holistic practice seems to be exploding across America. People across the country are working towards a better lifestyle and adopting new ways to improve their mental, physical and spiritual health. 

While studying at University of Central Florida I quickly learned that I am the best of both worlds due to my bachelors in psychology and my masters in social work. Social work looks at different dynamics of how people are affected and we address the issue on a micro and macro level with holistic measures. The psychologist in me studies the human body and understands the medical aspect to health and the prescription side of things and how they affect the body. When studying both genres and incorporating them into my practice I have the opportunity to understand the person from a broad perspective. 

When you completely understand how you are affected and how this affects your family system you are better prepared to handle life's adversities with ease. 

When you have your first appointment with our wellness center we will discuss your individual needs, in future sessions we will address your relationships that closely affect you, we will address any community needs or resources needed and lastly we take a look at our societal system as well. We ensure that you and your family have all the tools and resources needed to handle all levels of the ecological model. We will incorporate your religious beliefs as well if needed. 

As you seek improvement in your life, ask yourself "What brought me to this point? How did I get here and what do I want out of life? What would improvement look like to me?" 

In the last 10 years or so CAM (complimentary and alternative medicine) has been on the rise. CAM is the use of holistic practices to improve the quality of life for the clients. The most common CAM practices are herbalism, crystal healing, reiki, hypnotherapy and aroma therapy as well. My goal is to incorporate these practices in with my mommies and babies to ensure a easy transition throughout their pregnancy. I also want to incorporate these fun practices into my therapeutic processes for our child and family therapy. 

The use of CAM is choosing to ditch the normal treatment for worry, stress or anxiety (amongst other things) and take a natural approach to helping yourself cope with daily stressors. 

I would highly encourage the act of journaling. When you start your therapeutic sessions with Dos Aguas we will send you a journal to document your feelings, track your thoughts and your progress over time. The act of journaling is said to reduce stress by 50% 

Thank you so much for choosing 

 Dos Aguas Wellness Center