Dos Aguas Wellness Doula and Midwifery

(The words above was created by the doula certification class by Rae Davies, the future doulas came up with words that described the word birth, however they used new words to describe it) 

Dos Aguas Doula and Midwifery department is offering you the comfort you deserve remotely and in person. Dos Aguas Mommy and Baby department offers you a wide range of things lets discuss them below. 

  • Women's Wellness - This department of our Doula and Midwifery encourages adopting a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are seeking to obtain a healthy weight, working out, attending yoga classes or improving your overall health we are here to help you! Our women's wellness department will ensure that you reach your goals by having mini sessions weekly that hold you accountable for self improvement, mentally, physically and spiritually. We firmly believe that once your mind body and soul are all on one accord you can move forward fearlessly. We have counselors that will assist with this area of your life while using motivational interviewing techniques to get you moving in a good direction.
  • Holistic Fertility Coaching - We understand that you want to add to your family sooner or later and our Fertility Coaching department will assist you with your fertility goals and help you adopt healthy lifestyle changes that will impact your fertility immensely. We are not proving a medical service such as IVF etc. but we will give you resources, doctors information and so much more on your routes you can take meanwhile taking a look at your current lifestyle and implementing healthy changes if needed. This is a therapeutic process as well because trying to conceive can be hard for a family, we want to ensure that we are here for you providing support in the pre-phases and post partum. 
  • Doula - Our owner Dani is in the process of being a certified DONA doula and can provide support both in person and virtually depending on your preference. We offer online classes that you and your significant other can take from the comfort of your home to ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy. While Dani prefers in home or in office work we can assist remotely due to current health restrictions and making the mother and baby our priority. We offer lactation support, couples therapy, family therapy, birth doula, and post partum doula. 
  • Midwifery - Dani is in the process of obtaining her Midwifery license, in 2023. Our facility will add one additional Midwife to the staff to offer those services sooner. We want to offer Midwife services so that there is the medical training, proper technique and certification needed to assist mothers with bringing their babies into the world. Our Midwife department will assist clients wanting to have a birth at home, in our center or in the hospital. 
  • Post Partum Therapy - Dani is a therapist and counselor in the state of Florida. Dani will work with other social work students to provide them the opportunity to work with families post partum and provide emotional and mental support to the new mother and family members apart of the birthing process. Dani is a mother of two and has extensive experience with child mental health for children ranging from ages 0-12 years of age. It is important that the new family can adapt to the changes that will take place once the birth of a new child occurs. 
  • 3D and 4D ultrasounds - Dos Aguas will offer 3D and 4D ultrasounds from a specialist based on their availability in our local office. We want you to have keepsakes of your precious little one during this time. 
  • Maternity Photoshoots and Post delivery / Post Partum Photoshoots - Dos Aguas offers packages to families for memories and keepsakes. We will work with a licensed photographer to make your memorable moments beautiful. The photoshoots can take place in office or on location. 
  • Online Education - Dos Aguas understands that it is increasingly hard to be out of the home during this time so we are offering remote learning classes for mommies, daddies and siblings to prepare for the arrival of the new little one. The courses and podcast are pre-recorded and you can enjoy them from the comfort of your home.