Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Dos Aguas Birth and Wellness Center was created with the wellness of the mind, body and soul of mothers at its core.  The services and products that we offer are provided by staff who understand all aspects of fertility, childbirth, postpartum, mental health and therapy. Our staff shares the same goal: To provide our families with a quality care giving them the tools and resources needed to build a stronger family system. 

Our focus is on providing comfort measures, educational information, guidance and coping skills that facilitate a home that is calm and comfortable for all family members. We want our families to know they can empower themselves by leading a holistic lifestyle while adding to their family or building their own personal toolbox with new health habits, classes, information and support from our staff.  Dos Aguas does this by offering products that are of high quality and standard. 

Dos Aguas Birth and Wellness gives individuals, families and new moms the convenience of sourcing birth support, family support, mental health services and birth products on our website. Our clients are able to purchase items with confidence in our ability to provide items that are chosen by doulas, health professionals and mothers that have in mind what is needed during the course of your pregnancy..

Here at Dos Aguas you can expect honesty and respect. Our company will respect your privacy and we uphold client confidentiality. Together we work towards a common goal and that is empowering your family from start to finish.